The clothing is a mirror of the soul

The little black dress, or at the suit? The choice of clothing reveals a lot about our state of mind. What shall I wear? We all want to look good. Here our clothing has something to say. Because whether we like it or not, our clothing says a lot about our personality. In addition, about us, our mood, our feelings. The clothing communicates with others. However, if we lack the necessary sense of proportion for our figure, it can be embarrassing. Not all the new trends that come in the stores are made for us.

SOS Beauty Tips

Whether the short mini or high-necked turtleneck – everything has an impact. What we in the morning half-asleep indiscriminately attacking us out of the closet can have a sustainable impact on our day. Some try to reinvent themselves every day; others go out wearing clothes that are practical and comfortable. So that we unconsciously choose from garments that show how we feel at the moment. Dreams and Reality

Despite all the trends, we must follow our individual style and there should be the measure of all things. After all, we have to wear so that we feel good in our clothing. Only then, one will acquire the right look.

What betrays the clothes?

The brand of rock, the timeliness of the pants shape or the quality of the shoes – the other person unconsciously absorbs everything. The current fashion is usually a trend that is fast paced and is often overlooked. What we make of it, is what gives us an appearance: our own style. It comes to a fine line in the current jungle of the Vanities. Since it usually takes only seconds, one to decide whether likes someone or not. In this sense, we can say that even if you do not talk, we share all via our appearance.

Simply elegant

If we decide to clothing for clear shapes, dark colours and no frills, we identify ourselves as a determined and well organized. We know what we want. For example, a more modest dress, if it is chosen with taste and style demonstrate self-confidence.